Mark 10:45 tells us that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, and give his life for ransom.

At Central we believe that serving is a vital part of our life as a Christian—not only because of Jesus’

example, but because we have all been given individual gifts and talents by God that can be used to 

build up the church. Serving is also a great way to get INVOLVED, take OWNERSHIP, and make 

Central BETTER. At Central Youth we have a number of teams that you can be involved in:

// Youth Leadership - TYLER HO 

// Frontline or Crew - WAYNE PEEAUAKE

// Worship Team -  LIV HARRIS

// Welcome Team - TAIMI CAKAU

// Communications Team - DIELLA THISTLETON

// Production Team (Sound, and lighting) - RICHARD GURREA

// Services & Events - DANIELLA PUNTILLO

In order to check your eligibility, or to find out more information, please speak to a leader or contact us online.


Address | 93 Audley ST, Petersham 2049, NSW

PH: (02) 9569 8911
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